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BOTOX & JEUVEAU $12/unit

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Injectables & Fillers in Carrollton, TX

Many people come to us for injectables and fillers in Carrollton so that they can look younger and correct other skin imperfections. We strive to make every person feel as comfortable and safe as possible while administering these types of treatments.


• Fast treatment times
• Long-lasting results
• Works well for women and men

Our Injectable Treatment Options

When you visit us, you can choose to receive treatments such as:

BOTOX – This injectable works to smoothen lines in between the eyebrows and on other parts of the face that often form from excessive squinting and other facial movements. Underlying muscle activity will be temporarily reduced in the areas where the injections are administered to achieve the desired effects.

Juvéderm – Facial lines and folds can also be corrected with this injectable gel filler. Juvéderm works especially well in filling in the nasolabial folds.

Kybella – If you want to get rid of the fat that’s underneath your chin, this FDA-approved serum can be injected to destroy fat cells.


How long do these treatments last?

The results of BOTOX can usually last from four to six months before additional treatments will be needed to maintain your look. Juvéderm can last six months to a year. After completing the recommended treatment course for Kybella, additional treatments may not be needed.

How soon can treatment be completed?

Most of these injectables take only a few minutes to administer, and treatment can often be performed on a person’s lunch break.

Can these injectables be combined with other treatments?

There are other treatments that work especially well with these injectables, and our staff is always happy to offer them to ideal candidates.

To learn more about how injectables and fillers in Carrollton can change your appearance for the better, give us a call today.

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