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IPL Photofacial

Improving your appearance can be as simple as getting an IPL photofacial.

The IPL (Intense Pulse Light) photofacial is a noninvasive cosmetic treatment that uses cutting edge technology to target the deep tissues under the skin and prompt the body to produce more collagen, a process that slows down with prolonged sun exposure and age. It can eliminate many of the sunspots, broken capillaries, and acne scars that can take away from a person’s true beauty. We’re happy to offer this treatment to people who want a better way to enhance the way they look.

We always look forward to seeing people smile after they’ve received our customized laser hair removal.


• Creates a youthful appearance
• Non-invasive treatments
• Easier and cheaper than surgery
• Fast recovery time
• Short treatment time (30 minutes)
• No downtime
• Reduces skin redness and skin flushing
• The treatment is painless
• Reduces the severity of acne.

How It Works

Your treatment session will be performed with the use of Venus Versa technology. This highly advanced, proprietary technology offers a more effective way to eliminate unattractive skin spots, uneven skin tone, and other facial skin problems by emitting intense pulsed light (IPL) to the areas of concern. The IPL produces heat that’s absorbed by tissue in the treatment area to achieve the desired outcome.

Commonly treated conditions:

✔ Age spots
✔ Small blood vessels
✔ Skin firmness
✔ Uneven skin texture
✔ Rosacea
✔ Sun damage
✔ Freckles
✔ List Item

Frequently asked questions
Before the Treatment

The best candidate is someone who has an uneven complexion with signs of discoloration or visible veins on their skin. Photofacial treatments may also work to improve the look of fine lines.

Photofacial treatments work best for light to medium skin tones.

Absolutely. Exact treatment times may vary depending on the patient, but a single session typically takes 15-20 minutes.

Most patients receive 4-5 treatments per area. The exact number will depend on each individual person and the area being treated.

Treatments are done 3 weeks apart.

Make sure your skin is clean. Do not apply any lotions, creams, or makeup before your session, and stop using any products that might irritate your skin 2-3 days before. You must also avoid tanning, including with self-tanners. You may be advised to shave the area before your treatment. Remove all jewelry around the area being treated.

During the Treatment

One session usually lasts 15-20 minutes, depending on the area being treated.

The IPL treatment feels like a light snap or flick on the surface of the skin.

The applicator has a cooling feature built into it to make the treatment as comfortable as possible, but you might feel a bit of discomfort if you’re treating a more sensitive area, like the upper lip. If you find it too uncomfortable, let the operator know and they can adjust the treatment accordingly.

After the Treatment

Your skin may feel warm, like a sunburn, and can remain red for anywhere from a few hours to a day. Be sure to follow instructions for before and after your treatment.

It really depends on how your skin reacts to the treatment and how you care for your skin afterward. For example, if you protect your skin from the sun, the results will last longer. We recommend one touch-up session every 3-6 months, depending on your skin responds to the treatment.

There is no downtime. You can return to your daily schedule immediately after your treatment.

Avoid tanning for at least 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after your treatment, and wear sunscreen. You should also avoid hot baths, massages, or any treatment that requires direct contact with the skin for the first 2 days after your treatment.

Yes, you can apply makeup immediately after your treatment, but make sure you put on sunscreen first.

Venus Versa™ Ipl Photofacial

Rejuvenate your skin and get that glow back with an IPL Photofacial

IPL Photofacial | Skin Med Spa & Laser Texas

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