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Safety Protocols

Safety First

Skin Med Spa & Laser Safety Protocols

After over a month of having both of our locations closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are preparing to slowly reopen on May 18th, 2020.

We’re excited to get back into caring for our clients and wanted to share a few steps we’re taking to ensure the safety of everyone who steps foot in our offices.

For those of you that would like to schedule an appointment for on or after May 18th, our team will be rejoining us just a few days before we reopen so our phones will remain off until then. If you prefer to schedule over the phone, please leave us a voicemail and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also simply text us at 469-431-1930 or email your request at

• All team members will undergo a stringent re-training on proper sterilization techniques to ensure that everyone is performing this task to the highest level.
• All instruments and tools will be immediately sterilized after being used.
• Front desk and all public areas will be thoroughly cleaned with hospital grade germicide.
• Extra time is being allotted in our schedule to allow for the thorough and proper disinfection of treatment rooms and the entire office.
• All surfaces and objects in the rooms will be thoroughly wiped with Optim33TB wipes – the most powerful disinfectant wipe on the market.
• All blankets, neck pillows, lumbar pillows, magazines, and headphones will be removed to prevent cross-contamination.
• All team members will be trained to disinfect door handles, tables, front desk surfaces, sinks, and bathrooms every hour.

• All team members will wear either surgical clogs.
• All team members will wear scrub jackets.
• All technicians and estheticians will wear level 3 masks.
• All non-clinical team members will wear face shields to protect from aerosols.

• Patients will wait in their car until their Laser Technician is ready for them. Simply text us at 469-431-1930 when you arrive. We will text you when we are ready for you to come in.
• All patients are requested to wear masks. For treatments of the face masks can be removed temporarily.
• Patients are requested to come by themselves – no children or non-scheduled patients should attend.
• All patients will be asked to sign a Covid-19 release form prior to beginning their visit.
• All patients are encouraged to use the hand sanitizers we will have available throughout the office.

• Time will be added to all appointments to allow for the team to put on the proper PPE and to thoroughly disinfect rooms.
• No more than 1 patient will be in the office at any given time.
• Our office will be reducing our weekly hours until we can gauge demand. As we continue to re-grow our business, we will add more hours and availability.

As a small business, we appreciate your continued support as we navigate through these challenging times. Our primary focus when we reopen is to continue to care for our amazing patients at the highest level. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we reconfigure our practice to keep everyone safe and cared for.

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