Laser Hair Removal Specials
√ Lower Face $299 √ Neck $99 √ Extended Chin $199
√ Full Face $399 √ Underarms $199 √ Bikini $299
* On Packages of 6 *

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal in Carrollton, TX

If you want smooth and hairless skin, laser hair removal may be the answer for you. Whether you have hair on your arms, stomach or other parts of your body that you wish to get rid of, our laser technology can do the job. We always look forward to seeing people smile after they’ve received our customized laser hair removal in Carrollton.


• Permanent results
• Quick treatment sessions
• An easier alternative to shaving, tweezing and waxing

Our Diode Laser Technology

Diode laser technology is used here at our medical spa to zap away the unwanted body hair that you want to get rid of for good. When the laser is emitted, the hair follicles in the treatment areas will be destroyed so that they won’t produce any future hair growth. This noninvasive way of removing hair won’t require you to take any time out of your life to recover from treatment.


How long does a treatment session last?

The entire time of a treatment session depends on the specific areas of the body that are being treated, but most sessions can be completed in about 30 minutes.

How many treatment sessions are recommended to see the best results?

To ensure permanent hair removal, six to ten individual sessions are recommended. We’ll suggest the exact number of treatment sessions that you should receive when you come in for treatment.

What can you do to keep me comfortable throughout my treatment?

A built-in cooling system is used with our technology to protect the skin on contact and ensure greater comfort.

Eliminating your unwanted body hair for good can be a reality when you undergo laser hair removal in Carrollton. To learn more about this treatment and schedule a consultation, please contact the staff at our medical spa today.

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