Skin Resurfacing

Laser Skin Resurfacing in McKinney, TX

Skin Treatment for the Face or Body 

If you have irregularities on your facial or body skin, then it is possible to undergo a simple treatment at our medical spa. Laser skin resurfacing in McKinney is performed with a cool laser that emits light with radio frequency waves. This procedure concentrates beams of light on the body or facial skin that you want to improve. The pulsating light can eliminate blemishes, skin discolorations and wrinkles to improve your skin.

Fast Non-Invasive Processes 

Laser skin resurfacing in McKinney is a fast process that typically requires 30 minutes or less in a private room at our spa. Our team understands how to prepare you for the procedure quickly so that you can return to your normal life afterward. Our medical spa provides a variety of skin resurfacing processes, including photorejuvenation and pulsed light procedures using equipment made by Venus Concept or Lumenis. You can request the type of procedure that you prefer, or you can talk to our aestheticians about the best treatment for your skin. 

Learn More about a Non-Invasive Skin Rejuvenation Procedure 

You don’t need to tolerate age spots or pimples on your face or body because with laser skin resurfacing in McKinney, you can overcome these problems with one or more treatments. With this skin treatment, you won’t need to take several weeks off from work for surgery or recovery. When you want to improve your skin without any incisions or long recovery times, you can contact us for additional information. Call us to schedule an evaluation, or you can visit our Skin Med Spa website to complete an online form.


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