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Photofacial in Mckinney, TX

Noninvasive Skin Treatments 

You can treat yourself to a photofacial in McKinney, Texas at Skin Med Spa. We have experts who know how to use laser light technology on your facial skin. If you are applying moisturizers to your face several times a day, then you should have a reduction of fine lines. However, with the aging process, you might continue to see deep folds between the nose and mouth. Fortunately, an IPL photofacial can repair the damage on your face that occurs as part of the natural aging process. With a special laser, an aesthetician can use intense pulsed light to improve the condition of the skin on your face. 

Improve Your Rosacea Symptoms 

If you have broken capillaries or red bumps on your facial cheeks, then you may have rosacea. This condition won’t go away with medications or applications of lotions. While you can slather on makeup to hide the redness of this skin condition, the inflammation often gets worse from the ingredients in liquid foundation and face powder. Photorejuvenation is one of the few methods for reducing the problems caused by rosacea, and it doesn’t require any incisions. 

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Some adults continue to have problems with acne, and if you have pimples or blackheads, then you can feel embarrassed by the appearance of your facial skin. An IPL photofacial in McKinney can improve your skin’s texture along with reducing the size of your large facial skin pores to help eliminate the problems from acne. In addition, if you have small pit scars from acne, then a photofacial in McKinney can reduce the size of this type of skin damage. Contact Skin Med Spa today with a phone call or online contact form to learn more about our skin care services.

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