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Fotona HAIRestart®

Fotona’s HaiRestart® hair growth stimulation is your solution for treating hair loss disorders. This innovative solution is focused on stimulating dormant hair follicles to promote hair growth in both men and women.

With Fotona SMOOTH® modality, HaiRestart® enables treatments that ensure a highly controlled delivery of energy that provides the best comfort for you. We use Fotona Smooth to effectively and safely deliver unique temporal and spatial temperature profiles to the scalp, resulting in increased tissue regeneration and the promotion of new follicle growth.

Non-Invasive Laser Stimulation of Hair Growth

Key Advantages of the Fotona HaiRestart include: 

  • Prevention of further hair loss
  • Increase of hair density and thickness
  • Promotion of new follicle growth
  • No medications
  • No downtime

How HaiRestart Works?

The method of action lies in the patented Fotona SMOOTH® pulses that gently deliver laser light to the tissue, triggering the scalp in a safe and controlled way. Fotona SMOOTH® operates at the optimal infrared Er:YAG laser wavelength (2.94 μm) that coincides with the maximal absorption in the skin.

The unique patented feature of Fotona SMOOTH® is the ability to act in a non-ablative manner, producing precisely engineered mild thermal pulses. This ensures that the laser light is delivered to the tissue gently and efficiently, heating the scalp in a safe and controlled pulsed way. The overall effect is a gentle heating of the skin and the production of growth factors, without any harm to the scalp.

Non-Invasive Laser Stimulation of Hair Growth

Significant Results and Highly Satisfied Patients

Several clinical studies of HaiRestart® have demonstrated high efficacy and an absence of adverse effects. Patients report significant improvement of hair growth, along with increased hair density, and a stabilization of hair loss.

The results of patients’ blind evaluation in one study showed an improvement in hair quality in 93% of patients. Patients also reported a more elastic and less dry scalp, and thicker, more durable, healthier and denser hair.

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Fotona HAIRestart® | Skin Med Spa & Laser Texas

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